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Tailwind Testimonials

George and Karen Toombs
Steve and Kelly Lamar
Jon Hicks
Bob and Kay Hall

Other testimonials

We were picky about choosing where to build, because here is where we'll spend the rest of our lives. I wanted to be on a private airport with hangar space to build Experimental aircraft. My wife wanted to be on a lake for beauty, fishing, and kayaking. I wanted a manually-opened hangar door. My wife wanted a cathedral ceiling. I wanted to hang airplanes from the hangar beams. My wife wanted her upstairs to be a showplace. At Tailwind Airpark, we built what we both wanted, not the standard hangar-house.

Kerry & Anita Cartier

Tailwind Airpark is a great place to hold a balloon event and easy access to balloonist from all directions. The airport is a 360 degree flying area which is perfect for launching and flying for a long distance without problems. The North Texas Ballooning Assoc. would love to have a balloon event there sometime in the early fall.

Wayne & Debby Standefer

Tailwind Airpark : It’s not a park, it’s a family.

Veldon C. Ross

After owning my home at Tailwind Airpark for seven years I love the property as much today as I did the first time I visited. The country atmosphere at the Airpark really attracted us so much more than some of the “cookie cutter” airparks we saw during our search. Our home at Tailwind is a second home for us but only being an hour from Dallas it remains convenient for me to base my plane at Tailwind and financially it eliminates the $450 per month to hanger the plane at Addison. I enjoy not having to deal with Class B airspace every time I fly. While all of the above are great reasons to live at Tailwind, they are secondary to the best features which are the great neighbors we have and the management of the airpark by the Thompson family. Whether it is meeting at somebody’s hanger for coffee in the morning or flying formation to Oshkosh, there is always some aviation activity.

Rick Zappolo

Peaceful, well maintained, and spacious this Airpark makes the ideal home. Within driving distance of Dallas or Tyler, Texas or by air to anywhere (limited only by the amount of gas you can carry). There is a golf course nearby, if you are so inclined, or just enjoy the experience of having great neighbors.

H. D. Moore, R.Ph.

Of all the airports that I have been associated with, either as a land owner or visitor, I believe that Tailwinds has the most conscientious management. It's nice to be at an airport where the owners take pride in their business and also create a friendly atmosphere to everyone there. I really appreciate that.

Steve Formhals

From my perspective, Tailwind Airpark is real neighborhood, in every sense of the word. The residents are helpful, very friendly and you get a real sense of “Family” from them. I’ve had a lot of fun and good memories from the various events and get-togethers they have held throughout the years, and I always try to invite outside friends and family to join in the experience as well. Apart from the great people and Management, the area is beautiful. The open sky, trees, horses and wildlife… all add-up to a vacation-like atmosphere. It’s always been a great place to spend a little time, or a lot of time.

Mark Davis Bailey

Tailwind Airpark is a great place to escape to!

Dr. Martin Baum, MD

My wife Sonja and I long dreamed of living in a fly-in community and we searched airparks as possible retirement homes. We both feel very lucky to have found and settled in Tailwind Airpark. Here we have good neighbors and great friends. It is a joy to live in a community of folks with a common love of flying. We enjoy the beauty and peace of the quiet rural setting. We love the charming towns of Canton, Edgewood, and Wills Point and their friendly residents.

What else sets Tailwind Airpark apart from others?

  • A good value for the housing dollar.
  • A paved and lit runway.
  • Fuel available on the airport.
  • The best of both worlds, a rural and small town lifestyle with Dallas and Tyler within easy reach.

We simply cannot say enough good things about our Tailwind friends and neighbors!

Bruce Morey
A big thanks to our amazing community !